Friday, July 25, 2008

Web Performance Optimizations

I appologize for not blogging more, but here's a very helpful posting of web optimization:

A coworker showed this to me. In this he talks about things such as making fewer HTTP requests, using content delivery networks and gzipping files.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Things You Must Do Before Unloading a SWF File

Wow this is really important. It reads "Danger Will Robinson. Danger!" The following I found from a friend who referenced Colin Moock in which deactivation of a swf requires the following tasks to be disabled.
  • Tell any loaded .swf child assets to disable themselves.
  • Stop any sounds from playing.
  • Stop the main timeline, if it is currently playing.
  • Stop any movie clips that are currently playing.
  • Close any connected network objects, such as instances of Loader, URLLoader, Socket, XMLSocket, LocalConnection, NetConnections, and NetStream.
  • Release all references to cameras and microphones.
  • Unregister all event listeners in the .swf (particularly Event.ENTER_FRAME, and mouse and keyboard listeners)
  • Stop any currently running intervals (via clearInterval()).
  • Stop any Timer objects (via the Timer class’s instance method stop()).
Not doing so apparently allows the swf to consume resources and not get destroyed. Go here to read more: