Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fixing Font Rendering Issues in Google Chrome for Mac OSX

While I'm writing this the Google Chrome browser is still a beta. But I still want to use it.

So the problem is that I open up Chrome and it runs into a font issue when I'm using fonts installed with my font management software (i.e. - Linotype FontExplorer X, FontAgent Pro, etc...).

I see the following characters:

The problem is that Chrome for Mac OSX is looking for font files at the following location:


Where these font management software programs install fonts to a different location. To remedy the problem simply change your font folder and Chrome should read the fonts fine.

On FontExplorer X 1.2.3, you can simply open up Preferences and go to the Advanced tab. Here you can change the location of font files. Yeah I run it because it's free.

Font Book which is provided by Apple on Leopard and up, seems to install for use with Chrome with out any issues. But then again, Font Book isn't exactly the best solution for font management when you have six thousand fonts.

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Eric Tirado said...

DUDE!!! IT WORKED!! Thank you sooo much! I was about to say goodbye to my favorite browser, cuz I didn't know what to do.